Restore the Earth - Power Humanity - Realise Africa's Renewable Energy Potential

Genesis Eco-Energy Developments
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Who we are

Genesis Eco-Energy is one of South Africa's pioneering renewable energy companies providing project development, management and operations services across a range of renewable energy technologies. Our focus is on free fuel renewable energy (wind, solar PV, CSP, marine technologies) as well as bio-energy. Genesis consists of a team of highly experienced people who have worked locally and internationally in areas ranging from energy strategy, policy formulation, energy trading, financial services, land, agriculture and rural development, through to project design, development, management and implementation.

Our team has developed and implemented projects in a number of countries and bring this expertise and experience to bear when designing and implementing projects in South Africa and the SADC region. We work with local communities, land owners, the farming community and investors to source and develop projects that make a difference. Our projects aim to address a range of today's environmental, social and economic challenges as we work toward delivering a truly modern sustainable energy system for South Africa that delivers tangible benefits.

Our vision and values

Our vision: Restore the Earth - Power Humanity - Realise Africa's Renewable Energy Potential. Our values drive how we do things, how we deal with our clients and how we deliver appropriate solutions to meet the challenge of developing a modern sustainable energy system.
  • Collaboration - we all recognise we're in this together and inter-dependence is key to how we operate. Cooperation is valued and win-win outcomes are the only way we do business.
  • Growth - we actively develop a climate where everyone contributes, learns continually, stretches themselves and are rewarded for new ideas and innovative approaches to solving problems. We all contribute to building a culture that allows us to execute our vision and mission with passion.
  • Transparency - we do and say what we mean. We thrive on a culture and won't accept anything less than an environment that is nurturing and supportive, and free of negative self-interest. We act in a way that is congruent with our stated values.
  • Trust - treating our team, clients and business partners with honesty, openness and integrity so that we work in a climate of trust is non-negotiable.
  • Accountability - we all take ownership of the commitments we make and execute our responsibilities with passion and dedication. It's about delivering a quality solution.
We constantly strive to live by our values, build a great team and have fun in the process !

Our Experience

Our team have many years experience across a range of disciplines and in a wide variety of sectors. The multi-disciplinary nature of our team allows us to bring a fresh perspective to the challenges we face. Our energy strategy and project management skills help us to design, develop, implement and operate projects working with a range of stakeholders, ensuring that the best outcomes are achieved for all stakeholders.

Our Shareholders

LeMarqueChown Energy Trust
LCET is a 100% Black Owned, Level 3 BEE energy trust and is involved in Genesis as an active shareholder developer. The Chown group has been active in Genesis since becoming a shareholder in 2002. Davin Chown, representing the LCET has been active in developing Genesis, along with its founding team, who have collectively developed 600MW of wind and solar projects in the South African market. The LCET team have been active in shaping the renewable energy market in South Africa. Davin has also been the Chairperson of SAPVIA since 2012 and is a co-founder and Steering Committee member of the RE Council of South Africa.He was previously on the SAWEA Board and continues to work closely with industry and Government fora and entities in shaping the future of the renewables market in South And Southern Africa, and contributes regularly to conferences and the media on renewable energy matters.

Pontus Group
Pontus is a Black woman owned company based in the Western Cape that has been an active investor and participant in Genesis since 2004. The Pontus Group and its team have in-depth development skills and provide financial support and advisory skills into the development team. They assist community stakeholders and Local, Provincial and National Government entities with developing their knowledge and expertise in dealing with project planning and development matters for renewable energy projects.


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