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Genesis Eco-Energy Investments (Pty)Ltd is an investment holding company that holds a 15% share in the three Round 3 REIPPP project together with its funding partner Lereko Metier Sustainable Capital.

Our shareholders are Pontus Group, Davin Chown and AE-AMD who hold the direct shares in Genesis Eco-Energy, and LMSC who hold the bulk of Genesis equity in the projects.

In addition to the three wind farms, the company also holds the shares in the Droogfontein 2 solar PV project which is a fully permitted 75MW project outside Kimberley in the Northern Cape. This project was bid into the fourth bid window of the REIPPPP together with a major international partner.

This investment partnership ensures that the projects are well funded and managed in order to maximise the returns for all the stakeholders, including the local communities and beneficiaries who are adjacent to the projects.

Our Shareholding in Genesis Eco-Energy Investments

Davin Chown
Davin has been active in Genesis since becoming a shareholder in 2002. He has been active in developing and commercialising Genesis, along with its founding team, who have collectively developed 600MW of wind and solar projects in the South African market. Davin has been the Chairperson for SAPVIA since 2014 and is a co-founder and Steering Committee member of the RE Council of South Africa. He has also founded a number of sustainability consulting companies in South Africa. He has been active in the renewable energy sector since 1995.

Pontus Group
Pontus is a Black woman owned company based in the Western Cape that has been an active investor and participant in Genesis since 2004.


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