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Our Projects and Services
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Our approach and services

Genesis is actively developing a number of wind energy projects primarily in the coastal provinces of South Africa. We work with land owners to identify projects based on information from the wind resource mapping that is available, and then structure a project in such a way that the landowner and ourselves benefit in a equitable and fair manner.

Our services include bulk renewable energy project design, development, management and implementation, operation and maintenance.

We believe strongly in ensuring that all parties share in the benefits of the project and that we help to strengthen and build the communities within which we work. This means skills development, enterprise development, working with local entrepreneurs to find ways of adding value to their activities, sharing our knowledge and contributing to various social support structures and organisations in the local communities.

If you have an idea for a project, or specifically think your land may be suitable for developing a wind farm, then we'd like to hear from you. Email us or call us on +27 (0)83 460 3898 and we'd be happy to come and have an exploratory discussion with you and to help shape out the project.

Successful REIPPPP projects

Genesis, together with its various development and investment partners has been successful in securing 598MW of wind and solar PV projects in the first and third Rounds of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP). In R1, the Jeffrey’s Bay wind farm 138MW, the Droogfontein Solar PV project (50MW) and the De Aar solar PV project were secured in the bidding programme. Round 3, which was announced in October 2013 saw Genesis and its partners secure three more wind farms namely the Loeriesfontein and Khobab wind farms, and the Noupoort wind farm.

Jeffrey's Bay

The J Bay project as its known, was started in 2001 when Genesis founders saw the potential for wind power in the Jeffrey’s Bay area. There was an excellent resource, which as it turned out, mirrored the Eskom demand pattern, and there was a very clear need for power in the area as it was regularly hit with outages and suffered poor power quality.

The initial project was designed as a 10MW wind and 5MW pumped storage project, and the partnership with Mark and Clare Holliday of Sunnyside Dairy farm was initiated. Mark was keen to see the project located on his land, and this became the site for wind turbines.  Mark and Clare assisted in helping to secure other land owners interest in a project, and the years of long, hard perseverance paid off.

The initial idea was to sell the power into the local Municipality, and thus one of the first renewable energy PPA’s in South Africa was drawn up. The project was expanded to 30MW, and the Environmental Authorisation issued by DEA was one of the first for a wind farm in South Africa.

In 2009, when Genesis entered a 5 year JV agreement with fledgling Irish developer Mainstream, the project was scaled up to meet the criteria of the IPP Bidding process, namely 140MW - the site is permitted for 180MW. With all the years preparation behind the project, sound development partners and a solid bidding consortium, the project was finally selected as  Preferred Bidder in the 2011 selection process, and reached financial close in November 2012.

Genesis sold its share in the project to incoming investors Globeleq and Old Mutual. With such a long and deep commitment to the Eastern Cape, Genesis continues to develop other projects in the region. Visit

Genesis Eco-Energy Investments - Khobab, Loeriesfontein and Noupoort (Northern Cape)

In October 2013 the Genesis/Mainstream JV was successful in securing three wind farm projects in the Government REIPP Procurement Process.

The two projects just outside Loeriesfontein in the Northern Cape are 140MW each, and the project outside the town of Noupoort, also in the Northern Cape is 85MW. Genesis holds 15% in each of these projects through its partnership with LerekoMetier Sutainable Capital.

The projects will reach financial close toward the end of 2014 and its hoped construction will start in the last quarter of 2014.

More about Genesis Eco-Energy Investments

Our Projects Under Development

Genesis Eco-Energy has a long history of pioneering renewable energy development in South Africa. The Jeffrey’s Bay project was Genesis’ first foray into wind energy. Several other projects have been developed in the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape. KZN also provides an opportunity for wind farm development. With the J Bay project nearing commissioning, and many other wind projects coming on line in the Cape Provinces in particular, South Africa is seeing significant investment into the renewable energy space.

Wind Farm Development

Genesis is currently developing a number of wind farm projects in the Western Cape totalling. In addition, a number wind farms are under development in the Eastern Cape and Northern Cape.

These projects, many of which are on the land of emerging farmers, are in areas with good wind resources and present opportunities for delivering bulk renewable energy to the South African grid.


South Africa has numerous opportunities to develop bio-energy projects. With no shortage of commercialised technologies available from the international market, and new technologies emerging in South Africa, the bio-energy market is of great interest to Genesis.

Working with international technology partners Genesis is exploring several bio-energy projects that in the long run will generate power, reduce our ever-growing waste problems and save the country millions of litres of water.

Solar PV projects

Genesis has helped to develop a number of solar PV projects with two 50MW projects having been selected as Preferred Bidders in Round 1 of the IPP Programme.

The Droogfontein and De Aar projects have both completed construction and Genesis exited these projects through sale to incoming investors.

Currently Genesis is developing a number of solar PV projects in the Northern Cape and Free State province which it will be submitting for future rounds of the programme with one 75MW project being fully permitted and ready for R4.

Ocean, Marine and hydro power

The marine and ocean power resources in South Africa present opportunities for development of small (5 to 30MW) projects for the SA market.

Marine power technologies, whilst in their early stages and not yet fully commercialised, have the ability to generate large amounts of dispatchable power which is ideally suited to complementing the variable wind and solar resources.

Genesis is working with various technology partners and funders to set up a pilot plant in anticipation of rolling out larger plants in the near future.

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